The BARAKAH tote bag is the first in a series of merchandise from the BARAKAH Collection. It is much more than a canvas tote bag. It is a reminder that quality almost always outweighs quantity on the scale of impact.

Each BARAKAH Tote bag includes a FREE 5x7" Frame insert.



  • Functionality:

    The BARAKAH Tote bag is light & Versatile, which allows it to be used as anything from a Laptop carrier, a Shopping bag, a 'Quick errand' bag, a Prayer-Essentials bag to a Casual-Outing bag.

    The BARAKAH Tote bag is sturdy enough to hold a 13" laptop and a set of keys, wallet and make up purse. Maybe slip in a diaper or two!

  • Aesthetic:

    The BARAKAH Tote bag dones a Minimalist look without being underwhelming. This allows it to complement you(r outfit) without stealing your show.