There are low energy hours in each day and low energy days in each month which often turn out to be our ‘leaking buckets’ — where we engage in mundane and futile tasks that may reduce our overall ROI in this blessed month.

So here is a tip:

Create a Jannah-tasks Bank — a list of low-energy activities you can do in the afternoons or evenings when your willpower and energy levels are starting to decline.

• If you’re the podcast type, create a playlist before hand — so that you can simply press play without the hassle of “O! what to listen to?”

Here is a sample of my podcast playlist:

Fatimah’s Ramadan podcast playlist

If you’re more video, replace netflix with youtube and curate a playlist of beneficial videos to watch.

There are a lot of series you can watch on seerah, aqeedah and other beneficial topics etc. By all means necessary, avoid random vlogs that may expose you to vain content, cursing etc. — because time is invaluable in this month.

• Be intentional even with your listening to the Quran — create a playlist of the surahs or Juz you’d like to memorize or review your memorization of, while you listen without putting in too much work, you are killing two (or more) birds with one stone.

Take a look at my Juz ‘Amma playlist including a beautiful Qunut:

Fatimah’s Juz Amma playlist

• Dhikr — Dhikr is such a power task. Mindful Dhikr will not only bring tranquility to your heart, and prepare it for goodness, it will re-energize you [remember this is what the Prophet (S) recommended for Fatima (R) when she complained of work].

So when you start to feel worn out, whether this is during the day or mid-month when the enthusiasm starts to fade, schedule regular Dhikr time-outs, where you just sit or lie down, and engage in dhikr [remember that the sub-vocalization counts].

A pro-tip is to time yourself, set your timer for 5 to 7 minutes, so that you commit to the engagement and maintain flow.

Let me know in the comments, what other low energy tasks will you be adding to your Jannah tasks bank?

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