6 Practical Tips to help you Maximize your time during Taraweeh — Masjid Edition.

One of the highlights of Ramadan this year for some is being able to attend Taraweeh in the Masjid once again! Alhamdulillah.

In this post we share 6 practical tips to help you maximize your time during Taraweeh, but first things first, read about the etiquettes of Taraweeh.

- Avoid unnecessary Talk and Gist while Commuting or in the Masjid: Vain talk is one of the distractions of the heart, so avoid unnecessary talk and gist before you go to Salah, so that you stand before your Lord with your heart in a state of harmony. Also, it is when you tread around forbidden land that you eventually fall into it. Unnecessary talk may lead you to slipping into backbiting which feeds off of your good deeds.

So, guard your deeds by guarding your tongue.

- Make a lot of dhikr as you Commute to and from the Masjid: Dhikr cleanses and prepares the heart. When you go to Salah, you go to receive; of His mercies, Accepted duas, Barakah — so prepare the bed, so that the seeds sown can germinate and thrive.

- Take a bottle of Water and Some dates, to keep hydrated and maintain energy levels: Ramadan is a month of thirst, staying hydrated during the hours off Fasting help you maintain fair levels of hydration during the hours of Fasting. So take a bottle of water and drink at intervals. Dates are great source of glucose, a few dates to nibble on in between units of Salah will help you maintain fair energy levels at Taraweeh and during Fasting as well.

- Try to read the translation of the portion of quran the imam will be reciting that day: This is such a helpful tool for both Khushoo’ in Salah and Tadabbur. If you are unable to read all of the portion for that day, take note of verses that stick out for you while the Imam is reciting, bookmark them and try to read up the Tafsir or watch a Youtube video on the explanation of the verses and journal. Write your reflections and thoughts, this exercise helps you internalize the meanings of the verses — which is the essence of Tadabbur.

- Leave your phone at home to minimize distractions: Except you must, leave your phone at home. Most often, it is a source of distraction and valuable time you could invest into Dhikr or Tadabbur or Meditation may be wasted. If you must go with your phone, turn off notifications so you’re not constantly distracted by this post or that message.

Our time with Ramadan is limited and it is the best month to work on your Mindfulness & Khushoo’ in Salah — I pray these tips are helpful and, ask Allah to let us reach Ramadan, make the task easy for us and make us among those who reap the benefits of the blessed month, Ameen!

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