THE MATRIMONY SERIES - WHY? - An Affluent Heart 💞 Edition - TEA DUA LOVE

Safiya Mahdi, Jamila FK, Aisha Dahiru, Dua TDL Join us Sun May 23 3pm EST, single or married, as we explore marriage in Islam, for the sake of Allah, while applying the Divine Names and Attributes of Allah SWT as our guide and anchor.. Let us gain clarity on WHY!

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  1. Opening dua: Surah Fatiha

  2. Nasheed: Allah Knows by Zain Bhikha

  3. Intro

  4. Past sessions/moving forward

  5. The title

  6. Disclaimer

  7. Intro the stage (Jamila & A. Aisha)

  8. Intro the book An Affluent Heart by Sister Aisha Dahiru (buy it directly here or on Amazon)

  9. Discussion: general shares on why...

  10. Read and discuss the book.

  11. Prompt to take away: for the sake of Allah (breakdown).

  12. Closing

  13. Samiah's dua (for singles & married)

  14. Salawat

  15. Dua for closing a gathering.

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