If you have been following The Matrimony Series on clubhouse, you know this month has been packed!

The Matrimony Series, pioneered by Saf and Co-moderated by J & J, attempts to explore the ocean that is Matrimony.

In the past three weeks, we have been honored to have hosted Amazing amazing Muslim women including Aisha Dahiru, A Muslim premarital coach and Author of An Affluent Heart: The power of dua to enrich your Marriage; Wajeeha Amin, A premarital coach who helps Muslim Men & Women not only marry, but marry well and co-host of weekly rooms on clubhouse where they discuss Life, Love & Muslim Dating; Afshan Malik, Director of Development at Rabata & Author of Young Adult Novel, She’s also a Mum of 5+ and has been married for over a decade; Fatima Hamza, our resident “village aunty”, is an Educator through & through, with a wealth of experience being in the Matrimony business for 20+ years.

So you see, it’s been all gems and wisdom this month, Alhamdulillah!

On the topic of gems, here are a few we picked up from the previous sessions:

  • Begin with Allah: let the foundation of your love be divine, for Allah and through Allah.

  • Begin with yourself: know yourself, love yourself, teach yourself love so that you may recognize it when it is given to you.

  • Fix your intentions: marriage in Islam is an act of worship, do not waste a good deed with corrupt intentions.

  • Begin with the end in mind: what are your goals? Let your answer guide the process.

  • Love is a verb, not a feeling — it requires you to do the work.

  • Marriage is a journey and it does not end after the wedding, that is where it begins.

Finally, a beautiful Analogy of what LOVE means — as shared by Sis. Wajeeha -

  • L - Listen to understand

  • O - Observe

  • V - Verify responses

  • E - Empathy (for others, your partner and especially yourself)

We also got some great book recommendations from the sessions.

If you would like to catch the last session, add this link to your calendar: The Matrimony Series.

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Love & Salām,


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As promised, here are a list of book recommendations from the previous TMS sessions we’ve hosted on clubhouse. With the Heart in Mind: The Moral and Emotional Intelligence of the Prophet by Mikaeel Ah