A list of resources (as recommended by sisters in the Community, make dua for them please) to help on your journey to learning and becoming acquainted with the beautiful attributes of Allah, so that you may level up your dua and relationship:

1) Names of Allah Series pdf by Ust. Jinan Yousef

Dowload here: Names of Allah Series by Jinan Yousef via The Virtual Mosque

2) Names of Allah Instagram Ramadan series with Ammar Al-Shukry

Access it here: Ammar Al-Shukry

3) An Affluent Heart the book by Aisha Dahiru-Atta: the power of dua to enrich your marriage

Get the book here: An Affluent Heart or here: @anaffluentheart

4) The Ramadan Legacy Names of Allah Guided Journal

Get the Journal here: Names of Allah Journal

support their mission to help others learn the names of Allah here:

5) Names of Allah series by Ust. Taimiyyah Zubair

Get access here: Names of Allah series by Taimiyyah Zubair

6) The 99 Names of Allah App

Download Here: 99names app

7) Names of Allah Instagram series by AbdulRahman Murphy

Get access here: AbdulRahman Murphy

If you have more resources, please leave a comment and we will update the list.

Jazakumullahu Khairan ♥️

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