Running a business is work. Running a business as a Muslim woman is even more work. But Running a business as a Muslim woman, who’s trying really hard to earn halal takes the cake.. and this is why I believe Rasheedah’s work is amazing.

She set up a media company, which focuses on providing Muslim women with halal alternatives to mainstream marketing and teaching them how to successfully run a business online.

She’s offered a 10% discount to you specially to her webinar holding tomorrow in sha Allah. Find the discount link and read more on the webinar at the end of this email.

For now, let’s meet Rasheedah..

It started with a DM conversation and my dear sister Fatimah, of TEA DUA LOVE invited me to make an appearance in your inbox.

It's a pleasure to be here with you and I hope you permit me to share with you my whys running a Muslimah based business.

Shine on (keep reading)..

I used to be an unconscious Muslim until Allah guided me about 6 years ago (wow subhanallah; time flies).

As at then, I used to have big dreams, my father was a media entrepreneur and a philanthropist and a tech guru, so I literally loved tech and dreamt of working in a high position and be known as world best.

Graduate at 21 and start working, having my own cars and house by 26. The dreamer girl.

But Allah called me to submit to HIM.

I wasn't expecting it. It just happened just after my grandfather died of cancer in front of me and in my teens I found myself wearing the niqab!

May I remind you I'm the only child of my parents? Who does that?

My parents invested in me to say their only child is going to cover up!

We fought but now best of friends with my mum and hoping to unite with my dad in Jannah (I lost him with my grandfather same year)🌸, and I gave up my dreams to become a successful woman because of the misconception that if you wanna worship Allah you have to give up on your big dreams because there's nothing halal about success; You either compromise or nothing!

I gave up and became depressed, found myself questioning my dreams and why I should give it up. My mum knew this would happen.

But deep inside of me, I knew something was wrong.

Islam is a complete religion, perfect one. I can still be a successful businesswoman without compromising I can run those series of business ideas; my dream to own my own house at 26 is still valid because, I have Allah and My hijab can never be a limitation.

And then I knew Allah wanted me to be a caller to change in the social media community for Muslim women in business.

I took it up not to compromise my deen and values, and yet pursue the ladder of success

After all, I am successful already because Allah said:

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ ٱلْمُؤْمِنُونَ

Successful indeed are the believers. {Al-Mu'minun 23:1}

Because He is Ar-Razaq. My rizq is written, my dreams are valid as long as I am on the path of Halal, as long as I obey Allah, seek His Barakah, everything will be set right.

And here I am founder of Purplepen Media, where I help Muslim women grow their businesses via social platforms without compromising their deen through my coaching, services and products.

I am also a photographer and found Taqwa studio (we're setting up our studio o) and other brands that are yet to unveil... For the Muslim woman!

Allah is a lord of abundance and we only create our own limitations and I choose to live my life helping women see the abundance in everything and not limit their dreams because of hijab or being Muslim.

Awwww, thanks for reading!

And yes! I am holding a webinar on the prohibitions taken lightly in online business and for the TDL family I'm giving a 10% off my course for you with this special link!

You can read about the course here.

And don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram in Sha Allah.

Jazakillahu khayr,


Founder Purplepen Media

If you’d like to support and keep in touch with Rasheedah, check out her website.

She gives amazing tips (for free), follow her instagram.

If you'd like to be featured on our spotlight series, send us an email here: with subject 'Spotlight'.

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