A few weeks ago, we had a question tag on Instagram regarding what the community’s biggest struggle was deen-wise. A lot of the responses that came in had to do with Khushoo in Salah.

And so, we went ahead to ask the community to share their best tips for maintaining Khushoo in Salah and here is a summary list:

1. Make dua about it.

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2. Find a quiet, serene spot with minimal distractions and have a dedicated prayer room, space or corner so that as you enter into this space, your mind transitions into salah mode.

3. Recite your favourite Surahs, Surahs you’re familiar with their meanings and long surahs in Salah to enable you focus and give you time to settle into the prayer.

4. When you lose focus, say the isti’adha, spit to your left and recenter yourself.

5. Take a few minutes to sit in dhikr before the prayer, this will enable you transition smoothly into Salah and improve your presence in Salah.

6. Allocate a specific amount of time for each Salah, so that you do not rush the prayer.

7. Recognize that you are standing before Allah and conversing with Him as you recite Suratul Fatiha.

Enter (into the state of) salah before you come to (pray the) Salah, which means essentially to prepare yourselffor Salah before you come to pray Salah.

Found these tip helpful? Leave a dua for the sisters in the comments.

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