Community Picks: 8 Podcasts you should be subscribed to

My ideal time out would be a rainy day, with a cup of hot green tea while catching up on my favorite podcasts!

Podcasts are awesome and there are only two camps with respect to podcasts; those who absolutely love them & those who are yet to discover them.

So, I asked the Community a while ago what their favorite podcasts hosted by Muslim Women were and we came up with a rich list, MashAllah!

If you’re looking for something new, something interesting, something for the self or something for the soul, check out our Community’s top picks [in no particular order]:

  1. Shared Diversity - A podcast on Business, Branding & Womanhood.

  2. Salam Girl Podcast - on Identity and Women Empowerment.

  3. The Aida Azlin Show - Conversations with Aida and her Special guests, with good energy, creativity and no judgements.

  4. Unsweetened and Unfiltered - About womanhood, mental health, relationships and more.

  5. Honest Tea Talk - Honest conversations about Muslim Women issues and Community.

  6. Matcha Talk - Reflections on Muslim-specific issues and Spirituality.

  7. Nap time is Sacred - Stories of Muslim women doing Amazing work.

  8. Sincerely, Sumayah - A podcast on Relational Intelligence.

There you have it! Did we miss your favorite? Leave us comment and we just might add it to our next list in sha Allah!

NOTE: this List was curated in March 2020.

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